Monday, December 1, 2014

H Couture Beauty Socialité Collection: Most Expensive Mascara And Lipstick Set

As we know, most women love cosmetics. How much make up they put on, depends on the person. Not all women need it, even though they like it. Some women love to applicate more make up than others and will look like a Barbie Doll. While others will only wear make up seamless or naturally with just a Mascara or a bit of a Lipstick.


Make up comes with all variety of colors, intensity, forms and packaging. There is a hugh difference in brands and quality. That will mostly say something about the pricing of these cosmetic products.   

Spending money for the quality and brand, that is one thing, which is understandable. However spending an incredible amount of money for the packaging or the casing, that to my opinion is really going overboard.

However there are women around, who think spending that money for the packaging and casing is really worth doing it.

H. Couture Beauty Socialite Collection is already considered to be the ultimate luxury brand of cosmetics.  
The brand Special Formulated Mascara retails for USD$589.00 and the Lip color for USD$150.00
The customers will get the following for those prices: Swarovski Crystal encrusted and 18K Gold Plated casing. Also available to it will be: Concierge service, Lash bodyguards, 24/7 Customer service and complimentary Lip and Lash refills for a year.

Additional products that can be purchased with The Socialité Collection is the Lip Plummer for USD$348.00, which comes with one free refill and Lip Liner for USD$120.00. This Lip Liner also comes with one full product refill

After an editorial placement in the Celebrity weekly, Life & Style Weekly Magazine, the sales of the H. Couture Beauty Socialité Collection went skyrocket. The brand sometimes even generated up to USD$20,000.00 in sales per hour.

That seems to be little after they had a call from a customer that saw the editorial placement of H. Couture Beauty Socialité Collection in the Life & Style Weekly edition. The customer, a daughter of  Las Vegas High Roller, came up with a special request for a solid 18K Gold, Blue and Pink Diamond Socialité Collection instead  of the standard Swarovski Crystal and Gold plated casing for her 25th birthday.   

This order is definitely over the top and surreal.

The price tag to create this customized edition of the Socialite Collection is USD$14 Million
The Mascara casing will be featured in solid 18K Gold with 2500 Blue Diamonds and the Lipstick casing will be featured in 18 K solid Gold and 1200 Pink Diamonds.

This customized set also came with a Lifetime Concierge Service provided by H. Couture Beauty's customer service team. A lifetime service complimentary Lipstick and Mascara refills are featured in this, as well as the 24/7 phone support, H. Couture Beauty patented Eyelash bodyguards and Lash Comb, gifting discounts and gifts wrapping services, Make up Application tips, a Lipstick Hard Drive to store all client's info and more.


H. Couture Beauty sourced their own Diamonds with their connections and created the Jewel casing with their own private Jeweller.
Blue and Pink Diamonds are extremely rare and therefore expensive. To have so many of these rare Diamonds on casings of cosmetics products, that is far beyond the Sense of Luxury.

To be certain that the special customized edition of the Socialité Collection arrived safely at the Customer's place, they hand delivered the products to Las Vegas by Taysha Valez, the CEO of H. Couture Beauty along with their team of security.   


As much as it is very tempting to purchase luxurious items and products when you have the funds to do so, still to spend that amount of money on cosmetics products will be out of the question for me.

Guess it is true... Money talks... and when you have lots of it, you probably will be able to request the strangest things to purchase. 
As long as you pay for it!...