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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Most Expensive Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bras

It is no news that women love wearing lingerie, just as much as men love to see women wearing beautiful and sexy lingerie
One of the most well known label for lingerie is definitely Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret is well known by their design, comfort and sexy style.

The most expensive Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra and Panty set with the value of $15 Million.
The Victoria's Secret lingerie is available for the modern girls and women, who want more than just lingerie. Whether you are slim or more to the plus size, young or old, Victoria's Secret has it all.  The brand has sporty, elegant and sexy lingerie from the small Cup size A to the DD or even DDD. Victoria's Secret has something for every women. 

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra named "Sexy Splendor" was made of White Gold and decorated with 2,900 Pave set Diamonds and 22 Rubies. The centerpiece was a 101 carats Mouawad Splendor Diamonds. The glamorous Fantasy Bra was the most expensive Bra ever created with a value of $12,5 Million.
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is broad casted all over the world and has become famous over the years. The long legged models with slim bodies has become idols to women and girls. Not to mentioned that men love seeing the Victoria's Secret models parade in the sexy lingerie as well.

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra was called “The Royal”. The Fantasy Bra was covered with over 4,200 precious Gemstones, such as Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires, all set in 18K Yellow Gold. A 52 carat Pear shaped  Ruby shined as the centerpiece. The Bra came with the matching Bow and Belt.

Victoria's Secret has their representatives, which they named Victoria's Secret Angels. Models who can relate themselves to the women now days will more likely chosen to be a "Victoria's Secret Angel". Models like Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks and Karolina Kurkova among others have had the luxury to be able to present the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra.

Victoria's Secret  “Heavenly Star Fantasy Bra was the first ever Fantasy Bra to appear on the runway. The Fantasy BraHeavenly Star”  was decorated with 1,200 Srilankan Pink Sapphires and a 90 carat Emerald cut Diamond in the center with a total value of $12,5 Million.

In every Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, they will reveal and show the new Collection including the Fantasy Bra, that  will be worn by one of the chosen Angels. The Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra will be featured with Gold, Diamonds and Gems.

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra and Panty set took 370 hours to create and was valued $11 Million. A 70 carat Diamond was the centerpiece of this stunning and sparkling set.
Actually the Fantasy Bra existed since 1996, it was just that the Bras were never shown on the runway back then. Even the Millennium Bra and Panty set, that was designed especially to celebrate the turning of the century, was never shown on the runway either.
Victoria's Secret started showing the Fantasy Bra on the runway on their Fashion Show since 2001.

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra named "The Heavenly 70" had never reached the runway. It was crafted in over 275 hours. Set in 10 carat White Gold, it included a 70 carat Pear shaped Diamond and 2,900 other cut Diamonds. It was valued $10 Million.
The most expensive Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra and Panty set was made of Red Satin and decorated with 1,300 Gemstones including 300 carats of Thai Rubies.
The Red Satin set was featured in the World Guinness Book of Records for the most expensive and extravagant lingerie ever created with a value of $15 Million
Thereafter there were other  stunning and sexy Fantasy Bras created that were also high valued due to the use of the precious Gemstones

Star Of Victoria Fantasy Diamond Bra
This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra named "Star of Victoria" was designed by the Mouawad as part of the Objet d’Arts Collection. With a total weight of 320 carat the Star of Victoria was featured 1,150 Rubies as Roses and 1,600 Emerald as Leaves and last but not least the 60 carat Mouawad Mondera Diamond as centerpiece. The romantic and sexy piece was valued $10 Million.

It is just amazing how the designer team of Victoria's Secret manages to create the stunning and dazzling piece of lingerie every year. Every Fantasy Bra are as exclusive, exquisite, elegant and sexy as the years before.  
Purchasing and wearing lingerie that has the outrageous value of a mansion or a villa will be an experience far beyond the Sense of Luxury...  

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra and Panty set was named the "Millennium" Fantasy Bra set and was featured with over 2,000 Star shaped Diamonds and Sapphires, set in Platinum. The 2, 000 precious Gemstones were to announce and to celebrate the turning of the century and was valued $10 Million.

This Victoria's Secret Bra named the "Hearts on Fire" was a Diamond-studded Fantasy Bra. The floral motif in the center was created by a 10 carat Diamond Brooch. The rest of the Bra was decorated with over 2,000 smaller Diamonds. It took 20,000 hours of labor to perfectly cut and polish the Diamonds, while it took over 300 hours to design and fabricate the Fantasy Bra. The dazzling bling was valued $6,5 Million.

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra named "Black Diamond Miracle Bra" was featured 3,575 Black Diamonds and was created by Martin Katz.  It featured 2 Black Diamonds as centerpieces and had a combined weight of 100 carats.  This Black beauty of a Bra was valued $5 Million

This Victoria's Secret Bra and Panty set was decorated with Diamonds, Rubies, Emmeralds and Yellow Sapphires to create the Poinsettias and Ribbons. The intention of this Victoria's Secret set valued $4.5 Million, was to create an illusion of  the holiday feeling full glitter and glamour...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lil Wayne's $1 Million Beats Diamond Headphone

Beats by Dr Dre Ear and Headphones are known for their sound quality and their designs. Their sound quality is so unrivalled by any other headphones brand. 

Beats headphones technology is actually powered to isolate and block the external noise, to give the intensity of full and richly details of the sound you hear.

To create  the best head and earphones, Beats Electronics likes to engage and collaborate with musicians. Names like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber had been participating to create  Beats Earphones. While David Guetta and Will i am had collaborated to create the Beats Headphones. Also David Guetta has created Beats headphone that is especially developed for the DJs. 

While other Ear and Headphones brands are focusing on improving their sound quality to matched up to a higher level, Beats Electronics keeps on releasing various designs and style of their product.  

There are large number of variety when it comes to the Beats Headphones. It is almost like color explosion. From all the dark colors to all the primary colors to all different color combination, that you may think of. 
Beats Headphones are not only purchased due to their sound, but they are also trendy and fashionable. 


The colors that are available for the Beats Headphones will definitely matched your clothing. From Lazerwood for Beats Solo Headphones in Walnut color, fashionable Animal prints Beats Headphones, sportive NFL Beats Headphones, trendy Denim Beats Headphones to luxurious Beats Headphones studded with Swarovski Crystals and over layered with Gold

However the more  extreme the design and Beats creation will be, the more expensive it will get.  Some are only available in limited Edition. 
Unfortunately with limited edition, the limited edition Beats Headphones will not be available for sale online to keep their exclusivity.

As if  the Swarovski Crystals are not dazzling and bling enough to give the glamour and glitter to the Beats Headphones
Beats Electronics collaborated with the London based jeweller, Graff Diamonds to create a special and exclusive Diamonds encrusted Beats Headphones
The Beats Headphone is featured with 114 carats of sparkling Diamonds and has an estimated value of $1 Million. Talking about the Sense of Luxury...

The Swarovski Crystal Beats Headphone would already have given the dazzling bling to a Headphone without the outrageous price tag and it would certainly not change the  incredible sound that Beats headphones are famous about.
People might think that purchasing or wearing a Diamond Headphone with a value of 
$1 Million over the top, but that is something that doesn't bother Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne was spotted wearing the $1 Million Beats Diamond Headphone at the Basketball court, while watching the NBA All Star Game with his friends Drake and Nicky Minaj among others. Although it must be uncomfortable and unpractical to wear a Headphone during a Game, at least this way Lil Wayne was able to show off his expensive and  luxurious Beats Headphone...


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Usher's Exclusive Tiret Diamond Watch and His Passion For Watches

Usher Raymond IV is a well known R&B singer, songwriter, dancer and actor, who has won many Grammy Awards. Celebrities are always in the spotlight and will become an icon to many of their fans. Therefore besides being friendly, the appearance and looks are quite essential things for a celebrity.
Clearly Usher does not have any problems with his appearance and how to dress. He has a dynamic and a strong look, besides that he is trendy and fashionable.

For a singer and performer to stay in good condition is definitely a must. Working out is an efficient way to train the body and mind. Not all celebrities will do it, even though in my opinion some of them do need to work out. Luckily Usher happens to love working out. The progress and his work out been has been illustrated on the Men's Health magazine featured Usher on the cover.

Usher is actually one of the best dressed R&B singers, who loves fashion.  
It is not just about the way he dressed himself, but it is about a total appearance from head to toe. Luckily Usher knows how to combine his accessories with his clothing... From the sunglasses he is wearing, to his shoes. Even his watches...

It is basically a common knowledge by now that Usher loves watches. He has been collecting watches from the period that he had received them as gifts. The first watch Usher had received was a Cartier from the producer Jermaine Dupri. It was all steel Cartier de Santos watch with no Diamonds.
The first watch Usher has bought for himself was the Rolex. According to Usher the Rolex represented success and by adding Diamonds to it then "you are the ball".

Although Diamonds will give the sparkling bling and flash to a watch, Usher did not feel the need to have Diamonds in his watch. It is occasionally cool to add Diamonds into a watch, but it seems that Usher is not too keen of Diamonds. He values the weight more than the bling.
Let's face it, there are timepieces, that do not need Diamonds. These timepieces are just exquisite,  astonishing and sophisticated the way they are. Adding bling to it, will just ruin the design and creation.

Apparently Usher forget to mention to his friend Damon Dash that he was not keen of Diamonds. Damon Dash is one of the owners of Tiret New York, which is a luxury watchmaking company and jeweller based in New York and founded in 2004.
Damon came up with the concept of this one of a kind time piece. A watch displayed Usher's face taken from the album "Confessions" featured with all Diamonds.

The exclusive Usher Tiret luxurious timepiece has an oblong oval shaped case. Usher self portrait is featured in  Diamonds on the dial just as on the top of the case.
Usher exclusive Tiret watch features 10 carats of white and yellow Diamonds. All over the watch there are 1106 precious stones. The exclusive Tiret bling timepiece has Black leather straps and comes with a Box featuring Usher's face on it.


The Usher Tiret Diamond watch contains two ETA Chronograph Quartz movements. This technical instruments on the watch  allow it to simultaneously to keep time in two different timezones.
This will definitely come handy for Usher when he has to travel.
Believe it or not, even though Usher does not like Diamonds, he admitted to have worn the Tiret bling timepiece a few times. 

The Usher full bling Tiret watch might have been over the top when it comes to the Diamonds. Surprisingly the blatant use of the Diamonds has basically influenced the watch positively, because the Usher exclusive Tiret Diamond watch get to be shown in a Diamond exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London among others.  

To Usher collecting exquisite timepieces is not to show off his success nor to express that he has made it in the business. To him it is just a hobby that in time became a passion. Starting by receiving timepieces as gifts and purchasing his first Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Audemars Piguet and so on, Usher slowly expands his collection. Now Usher has far over 40 or maybe even over 50 of these luxurious timepieces in his collection, with a value of far over the USD$2 Million...
Talking about Sense of Luxury...


Monday, January 5, 2015

Shawish's Masterpiece: World's First 150 Carat All Diamond Ring

The adventurous journey of the Shawesh brothers began when Mohamed Shawesh founded La Maison Shawish Geneve in 2008, Geneva, Switzerland.
The two Shawesh brothers just know what they want out of their company. With 2 combining talents, Mohamed and Majdi Shawesh managed to place their company on the map as manufacturer of the finest gems for the world class clientele.

The Shawesh brothers are no strangers when it comes to dealing with gems. Mohamed and Majdi Shawesh are coming from a line of Libyan family that has been involved in the international trade of luxurious and precious stones for generations.

La Maison Shawish Geneve loves the challenge of the unthinkable and the impossibility. Their creations and designs will be the out most proof of creativity and craftsmanship.
The company is mostly focusing on the explicit wishes and motivations of their clientele.
By surrounded themselves with a young team, the spirit and the dynamic of La Maison Shawish Geneve rise to motivate and inspire challenges and innovations.

One of the most challenging, daring and not to mention delicate creation has become reality. Something special and unique... Beyond the imaginary of dimension.... Something that no one  thought it would be possible....Or even dare to dream about...
A masterpiece that has been created by Mother Earth herself, with contribution from the talented team of La Maison Shawish Geneve to create and improve to it's perfection....

After a year of precision and hard work, it is finally finished and it can be proudly presented to the world. The Shawish's Masterpiece
A Ring created and carved from out one solid faceted Diamond. This dazzling and sparkling 150 Carat Masterpiece is setting the world record as the World's First All Diamond Ring.
With its value of USD$70 Million, it also becomes the World's Most Expensive Ring.

To accomplish this challenge La Maison Shawish Geneve had to purchase a unique laser technology equipment to enable to cut a whole in the middle of the huge rough Diamond. They needed to ensure that the quality of the Diamond will not be suffer from its construction.    
It was a high risk action to take, because it can be altering the Diamond's molecular structure and the Diamond might lose its sparkle.

All the Diamond rings that existed and have been written about like, Elizabeth Taylor's 33,19 Carat Diamond ring, Beyonce's 18 Carat Diamond ring and Kim Kardashian's 20,5 Carat ring, fell well short and out of the league. Those rings can not even begin to compete with La Maison Shawish Geneve's unique craftsmanship.

The 150 Carat All Diamond Ring definitely exceeds everything.
For the Shawesh brothers the thrilling journey creating the unique Masterpiece has been successfully accomplished.