Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lil Wayne's $1 Million Beats Diamond Headphone

Beats by Dr Dre Ear and Headphones are known for their sound quality and their designs. Their sound quality is so unrivalled by any other headphones brand. 

Beats headphones technology is actually powered to isolate and block the external noise, to give the intensity of full and richly details of the sound you hear.

To create  the best head and earphones, Beats Electronics likes to engage and collaborate with musicians. Names like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber had been participating to create  Beats Earphones. While David Guetta and Will i am had collaborated to create the Beats Headphones. Also David Guetta has created Beats headphone that is especially developed for the DJs. 

While other Ear and Headphones brands are focusing on improving their sound quality to matched up to a higher level, Beats Electronics keeps on releasing various designs and style of their product.  

There are large number of variety when it comes to the Beats Headphones. It is almost like color explosion. From all the dark colors to all the primary colors to all different color combination, that you may think of. 
Beats Headphones are not only purchased due to their sound, but they are also trendy and fashionable. 


The colors that are available for the Beats Headphones will definitely matched your clothing. From Lazerwood for Beats Solo Headphones in Walnut color, fashionable Animal prints Beats Headphones, sportive NFL Beats Headphones, trendy Denim Beats Headphones to luxurious Beats Headphones studded with Swarovski Crystals and over layered with Gold

However the more  extreme the design and Beats creation will be, the more expensive it will get.  Some are only available in limited Edition. 
Unfortunately with limited edition, the limited edition Beats Headphones will not be available for sale online to keep their exclusivity.

As if  the Swarovski Crystals are not dazzling and bling enough to give the glamour and glitter to the Beats Headphones
Beats Electronics collaborated with the London based jeweller, Graff Diamonds to create a special and exclusive Diamonds encrusted Beats Headphones
The Beats Headphone is featured with 114 carats of sparkling Diamonds and has an estimated value of $1 Million. Talking about the Sense of Luxury...

The Swarovski Crystal Beats Headphone would already have given the dazzling bling to a Headphone without the outrageous price tag and it would certainly not change the  incredible sound that Beats headphones are famous about.
People might think that purchasing or wearing a Diamond Headphone with a value of 
$1 Million over the top, but that is something that doesn't bother Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne was spotted wearing the $1 Million Beats Diamond Headphone at the Basketball court, while watching the NBA All Star Game with his friends Drake and Nicky Minaj among others. Although it must be uncomfortable and unpractical to wear a Headphone during a Game, at least this way Lil Wayne was able to show off his expensive and  luxurious Beats Headphone...