Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Most Expensive Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bras

It is no news that women love wearing lingerie, just as much as men love to see women wearing beautiful and sexy lingerie
One of the most well known label for lingerie is definitely Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret is well known by their design, comfort and sexy style.

The most expensive Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra and Panty set with the value of $15 Million.
The Victoria's Secret lingerie is available for the modern girls and women, who want more than just lingerie. Whether you are slim or more to the plus size, young or old, Victoria's Secret has it all.  The brand has sporty, elegant and sexy lingerie from the small Cup size A to the DD or even DDD. Victoria's Secret has something for every women. 

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra named "Sexy Splendor" was made of White Gold and decorated with 2,900 Pave set Diamonds and 22 Rubies. The centerpiece was a 101 carats Mouawad Splendor Diamonds. The glamorous Fantasy Bra was the most expensive Bra ever created with a value of $12,5 Million.
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is broad casted all over the world and has become famous over the years. The long legged models with slim bodies has become idols to women and girls. Not to mentioned that men love seeing the Victoria's Secret models parade in the sexy lingerie as well.

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra was called “The Royal”. The Fantasy Bra was covered with over 4,200 precious Gemstones, such as Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires, all set in 18K Yellow Gold. A 52 carat Pear shaped  Ruby shined as the centerpiece. The Bra came with the matching Bow and Belt.

Victoria's Secret has their representatives, which they named Victoria's Secret Angels. Models who can relate themselves to the women now days will more likely chosen to be a "Victoria's Secret Angel". Models like Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks and Karolina Kurkova among others have had the luxury to be able to present the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra.

Victoria's Secret  “Heavenly Star Fantasy Bra was the first ever Fantasy Bra to appear on the runway. The Fantasy BraHeavenly Star”  was decorated with 1,200 Srilankan Pink Sapphires and a 90 carat Emerald cut Diamond in the center with a total value of $12,5 Million.

In every Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, they will reveal and show the new Collection including the Fantasy Bra, that  will be worn by one of the chosen Angels. The Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra will be featured with Gold, Diamonds and Gems.

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra and Panty set took 370 hours to create and was valued $11 Million. A 70 carat Diamond was the centerpiece of this stunning and sparkling set.
Actually the Fantasy Bra existed since 1996, it was just that the Bras were never shown on the runway back then. Even the Millennium Bra and Panty set, that was designed especially to celebrate the turning of the century, was never shown on the runway either.
Victoria's Secret started showing the Fantasy Bra on the runway on their Fashion Show since 2001.

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra named "The Heavenly 70" had never reached the runway. It was crafted in over 275 hours. Set in 10 carat White Gold, it included a 70 carat Pear shaped Diamond and 2,900 other cut Diamonds. It was valued $10 Million.
The most expensive Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra and Panty set was made of Red Satin and decorated with 1,300 Gemstones including 300 carats of Thai Rubies.
The Red Satin set was featured in the World Guinness Book of Records for the most expensive and extravagant lingerie ever created with a value of $15 Million
Thereafter there were other  stunning and sexy Fantasy Bras created that were also high valued due to the use of the precious Gemstones

Star Of Victoria Fantasy Diamond Bra
This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra named "Star of Victoria" was designed by the Mouawad as part of the Objet d’Arts Collection. With a total weight of 320 carat the Star of Victoria was featured 1,150 Rubies as Roses and 1,600 Emerald as Leaves and last but not least the 60 carat Mouawad Mondera Diamond as centerpiece. The romantic and sexy piece was valued $10 Million.

It is just amazing how the designer team of Victoria's Secret manages to create the stunning and dazzling piece of lingerie every year. Every Fantasy Bra are as exclusive, exquisite, elegant and sexy as the years before.  
Purchasing and wearing lingerie that has the outrageous value of a mansion or a villa will be an experience far beyond the Sense of Luxury...  

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra and Panty set was named the "Millennium" Fantasy Bra set and was featured with over 2,000 Star shaped Diamonds and Sapphires, set in Platinum. The 2, 000 precious Gemstones were to announce and to celebrate the turning of the century and was valued $10 Million.

This Victoria's Secret Bra named the "Hearts on Fire" was a Diamond-studded Fantasy Bra. The floral motif in the center was created by a 10 carat Diamond Brooch. The rest of the Bra was decorated with over 2,000 smaller Diamonds. It took 20,000 hours of labor to perfectly cut and polish the Diamonds, while it took over 300 hours to design and fabricate the Fantasy Bra. The dazzling bling was valued $6,5 Million.

This Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra named "Black Diamond Miracle Bra" was featured 3,575 Black Diamonds and was created by Martin Katz.  It featured 2 Black Diamonds as centerpieces and had a combined weight of 100 carats.  This Black beauty of a Bra was valued $5 Million

This Victoria's Secret Bra and Panty set was decorated with Diamonds, Rubies, Emmeralds and Yellow Sapphires to create the Poinsettias and Ribbons. The intention of this Victoria's Secret set valued $4.5 Million, was to create an illusion of  the holiday feeling full glitter and glamour...