Saturday, July 18, 2015

The King Power Los Angeles Lakers Limited Edition By Hublot

Hublot has expanded well over the years. The company that was founded by Carlo Croco, a man who has worked for the watchmaking group and best known from the Breil watches, has set a name for himself.

The watch that Carlo Croco created was named Hublot and was featuring a natural rubber strap.  This was the first watch that ever featured with natural rubber in the history of watchmaking.
Eventhough the sale of this product went off slowly, it became more successful than they actually had thought.

The impact of the new type of strap has had on the world is impeccable.
The watch manufacturers started to create watches featuring the natural rubber straps. The rubber straps give the watch a sportive and trendy look. Besides that, rubber is an easy to clean product and therefore will resist water and transpiration. For athletes and people who loves to work out, wearing a watch with a natural rubber straps is just perfect.

The sales of the watches skyrocket as Hublot casted new creations and designs. 
In the years thereafter Hublot has opened many stores through out the world and received many prizes for their watches. Hublot became famous for their sportive look and innovative designs.

To increase public for the Hublot brand the company has engaged themselves in partnership and sponsorship deals with some outstanding sports clubs and athletes. Hublot also then becomes the sponsor of the basketball teams the Los Angeles Lakers and the team Star player Kobe Bryant becomes Hublot's Ambassador.

After releasing the Hublot Kobe Bryant King Power Black Mamba and Black Mamba Gold, it was just to be expected that Hublot will come up with another timepiece that will be related to their sponsorship and Kobe Bryant.
The new addition to the King Power series is the Hublot King Power Los Angeles Lakers. 


The Hublot King Power Los Angeles Lakers is a limited edition of 50 timepieces.  The look is similar to the Kobe Bryant Black Mamba, however it's made of Black Carbon fiber and it measures 48mm in diameter.
The dial of the Hublot King Power Los Angeles Lakers is featured with sapphire crystal and the Lakers yellow and purple highlights. There's no doubt that Hublot is reflecting the American Professional Basketball team colors into the timepiece.

There are more aspects in the watch that is related to the Basketball sport and the team.
The dial of the Hublot King Power Los Angeles Lakers is sliced to 4 zones of 12 minutes in black, yellow and purple.  The LA Lakers logo appears strategically at 3 o’clock, while the sapphire case-back reveals the Lakers' signature.

The Hublot King Power Los Angeles Lakers is a mechanical self winding chronograph powered by the HUB 4248 movement, which is built from 249 parts and 28 jewels. It beats 28,800 vibrations per hour and provide about 42 hours of power reserve.  

This basketball related timepiece is featured with central 48-minute counter. That means that the  watch is designed to measure a time interval to a maximum of 48 minutes. No surprise here, because that's the exact length of a professional basketball match.

Although the Hublot King Power Los Angeles Lakers represents and reflecting all the features of basketball sport, Hublot gave this limited edition timepiece a special sealing that makes the watch also be suitable to wear in the water up to 100 meters (10 ATM).

The King Power Los Angeles Lakers by Hublot is delivered with 2 variable straps that can be changed easily. One is in yellow Lakers jersey on black rubber with yellow and purple stitching. The other one is alligator leather sewed on black rubber with yellow and purple stitching.
Both straps are fitted with a buckle clasp in micro-blasted black PVD titanium and ceramic

With the large measurement of 48 mm, the robust casing, the raised Hublot screws and the strong features, the King Power Los Angeles Lakers by Hublot is a masculine, sporty, yet trendy, sophisticated and colorful timepiece.

Hublot has done an outstanding job combining sport, Hublot's craftsmanship and fashion to create the sense of luxury within this special limited edition Lakers watch.
The Lakers timepieces are estimated $27,900 and are available for purchase exclusively at the Hublot boutique in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

The King Power Los Angeles Lakers by Hublot is definitely a 'must have' for a Lakers fan!...