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Monday, August 24, 2015

Vulcain Tourbillon Limited Edition

Vulcain is one of the brands that people might not be familiar with, although they have been existing longer than you can imagine.
The watchmaking company has been founded by the brothers Ditisheim in 1858, which became Manufacturer the Vulcain in the Neuchatel Mountains, Switzerland.
Through over 150 years of creation, experience and innovation, the company has grown enormously and so the rise of Vulcain

After a time Vulcain has earned itself the prestigious name, fame and reputation, due to their complication watches.  They won lots of prizes and awards at several World Fairs for their creations.

Vulcain then launched the first ever mechanical alarm movement, which became famous all over the world. The legendary Vulcain Cricket Calibre became famous as 'The President's watch'.
American head of states, Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, all  wore Vulcain watches on their wrists. 

The technical qualities of Vulcain watches also appealed to explorers and adventurers. From the 1950's onwards, Vulcain was to partner famous mountaineering and maritime expeditions.  

One of the watchmaking company's creation is the Vulcain Tourbillon. The Vulcain Tourbillon is a limited edition of 25 timepieces
The sophisticated timepiece has a 18K Rose Gold case and a Louisiana alligator leather strap. The case has a 42 mm diameter and a sapphire crystal case back. 
The new creation of Vulcain is available in 2 different colors of dials: Charcoal grey and Silver

The Vulcain Tourbillon features Calibre V62 movement. It has hour, minute, 60 seconds Tourbillon at 9,00 o'clock, power reserve at 5,00 o'clock and  a retrograde date at 1,30 o'clock. 
Last but not least, the Vulcain Tourbillon is also waterresistant to 50 meters, which is 160 feet.

The price tag for this prestigious watch with all the functions and exclusive features is $102,500.00
The Vulcain Tourbillon... The strive to excellence and sense of luxury...