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Monday, November 14, 2016

The Jane Seymour - Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond


A Diamond represents something exclusive and will be given on special occasions.  
Earlier in April this year, the British-American actress Jane Seymour has been honored and presented with an exclusive and unique Blue Diamond Ring with a Diamond named after her. 
The Diamond ring is mined and crafted by the World of Diamonds Groups, one of the largest international Diamonds companies in the world. 

For her acting the lovely Jane Seymour has received an Emmy Award, Golden Globe Awards and a Star on the Hollywood's Walk of Fame.
Among her accomplishments, the actress starred as a Bond Girl in 'Live and Let Die' with Roger Moore and in the television series Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman.
In United Kingdom, Seymour is distinguished as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.


The Jane Seymour is a Rosé Gold Plated Platinum Ring set with a rare 2.08 carat, cusion cut, Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond. The ring is set with floral motif on both sides of the Diamond.
Blue Diamond of this size and saturation is rare and therefore also is becoming the among sought after gem in the world. A Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond with such saturation grade will  approximately be worth $1 Million per carat.  



The Jane Seymour Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond has been mined in Russia and crafted in Geneva, Switzerland, in one of the international private company's offices. 
It took more than a year for their gemologists to decide on the shape.   
The Diamond Ring has been reveiled during a private dinner party honoring the beautiful actress in Singapore
In Singapore Seymour has been starring in the British Theater Playhouse's Production of 'The Vortex' by Noel Coward, at Jubilee Hall Theater inside the Raffles Hotel.



Although the Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Ring is named after the lovely, graceful and talented Jane Seymour, it's never owned by her
The Ring has been in the World of Diamonds Group's private Collection untill they intented to sell it in July 2016 as a luxurious and exclusive dinner package at Cé La Vie.  
This luxurious package include a journey in a helicopter, Rolls Royce a mini cruise and a 18-course menu, which will totally take about 8 hours.  

Talking about experiencing the Sense of Luxury!